My name is Nick Ross and I am living the dream! Not too long ago I was waking up every day going to a 9-5 job that I absolutely hated. I would wake up with a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I couldn’t wait for each day to be over. I was getting yelled at by clients on a daily basis and I was so stressed out I felt like I needed to have at least a few beers every night to relax. After about 2 years, I made the firm decision to quit. Nowadays I work for a great tech-startup and I’m actively pursuing all my goals in life.

The goal of my blog is first and foremost to extend this knowledge of trading and give you a firm foundation on the basics of the stock market so that you can begin to trade successfully. I intend the blog to have a snowball effect. I’m going to be slowly giving you tools over time so that you can build momentum and not be overwhelmed with information.  A child should be able to read and understand the concepts I will lay out for you so don’t get discouraged thinking that it will be over your head! Secondly I want this blog to inspire others to realize that you do not need a “career”, a “9-5” to build wealth until retirement. This knowledge alone has given me so much more freedom to actively pursue my dreams and I’m hoping it can do the same for all my followers! Read along and subscribe to my email list to get all the up-to-date information

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How to Turn $5,000 into $40,000

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