1. Money: Master the Game by Tony Robins

This book provides a ton of financial knowledge and give you steps towards achieving financial freedom no matter what stage you are in your life. If you know absolutely nothing about finance, that’s ok! Tony breaks down the financial jargon into easy-to-understand concepts and allows you to see how some of the world’s top investors make their money. Grab a copy on amazon!


2. 4 Leap Clover: How to make 200% Returns on Your Investments by Nick Ross (me)

In this eBook my goal is to teach you the strategy I have named the 4 Leap Clover and give you all the necessary information to execute it yourself. This strategy gives me AT LEAST a 4:1 risk/reward ratio and has produced returns of over 200% on multiple occasions. Any investor can absorb this information and execute the strategy successfully


3. How to Invest with as Little as $500 Dollars by Nick Ross (me)

Searching the internet and various trading forums, you will find that a majority of articles posted about investing involve strategies for people who have a great deal of money saved up already. These articles talk about diversification, asset allocation, and investing for the long-term. Few of them rarely discuss how you get to that point or what you should do just starting out. Before writing this eBook, I sat down and ask myself, “If I only had $500 to invest, what would I do?” I have taken my knowledge from being a stock broker and an experienced trader to provide you with 3 strategies to maximize your returns depending on your risk tolerance.