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Before I get started on any formal trading education, I wanted to kick this blog off with an article that expresses my opinions on the necessity of a career and the solution to breaking the traditional mindset. If you know me or have read the About Me section of my blog, you will know that I was a licensed broker for a large financial services company for almost two years. I was in a training program that would have lead me to be a Financial Consultant at a branch in roughly 3-4 years. The average financial consultant makes over 100k a year and I was the path to making that at the age of 27. Who could turn that down?

Challenging the Status Quo

Growing up you are led to believe that a career is the sure path to success. Graduate high school, get a good degree in college, and find a nice 9-5 job with a 401k and career advancement plan that will lead you all the way to retirement. From our education system, to our parents and elders, to the pressure of society around us; we get sucked into the thinking that this is how things should be. The financial firm taught me almost everything I know about trading and I thought I had found the “career” that I was going to carry out the rest of my life. I soon realized this was not the case. I would wake up with a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I couldn’t wait for each day to be over. I was getting yelled at by clients on a daily basis and I was so stressed out I felt like I needed to have at least a few beers every night to relax. My parents would ask me how work was going and I would say, “I want to blow my brains out and my make cubicle look like a Jackson Pollack painting.” Needless to say that did not go over well with my mother. It was definitely a time at which I felt I had it rock bottom emotionally in my life.


I would speak to people who felt the same way as I did but had been working in the same position for over 30 years. My mind was always blown when people would tell me that they had stayed in a positon they hated because of the security it provided. They would feel terrible each day BUT they were making a decent salary to pay the bills and had a great benefits package. That should make up for not being happy right?? These are the “I can’t wait till Friday” people, the people who respond with “oh you know, same shit just a different day” when you ask them how things are going. Many others think that they need a career to be successful. They are led to believe that success in life will lead to happiness. What they don’t realize is that HAPPINESS FUELS SUCCESS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! I made a promise to myself that I would not work at a company just to “get by.” Life is too short just to get by each day. In April of 2016 I made the decision to quit my job and haven’t looked back since. Here’s how I did it.

Taking the First Steps

After some time trading, I began to discover strategies that led to me becoming profitable in my account. That is, buying and selling stocks for a profit.  Now I wasn’t cocky at this time; thinking I had mastered the stock market and putting in my two weeks the next day. I needed to make sure I could stay consistent and I needed to know that if I was taking the risk of quitting my job I could cover my expenses. Once I had about 6 months of a proven track record with my trading and an emergency fund incase things did go south, I put in my two weeks.


 After I quit I have never felt so free and I have been actively pursuing my dreams since. Whenever you realize you are not bound by a career to achieve success in life, it changes your entire mindset about getting after what you really want to do. The main reason I started this blog is to hopefully get you to share that mindset with me as I begin to teach you how to trade. I believe ANYONE can learn so don’t get discouraged thinking it is too complicated for you.

The Gift of Time

In my opinion, the single biggest factor that makes people give up on their dreams is time. Time is truly the best gift of all to help you pursue your goals. So often I see that people go into a job thinking that it is just temporary and they will get back to their goals soon when they have some more money saved up. What usually happens is that you become so consumed with work that your dreams slowly become a distant memory. When you get home from work you are so exhausted that you barely have the energy to cook easy-mac for dinner so thinking about getting projects done for your goals is really out of the question.


Now being able to trade in the stock market full time is something highly difficult and rare to do. If you can do this then awesome! More power to you. In my blog I’m going to be teaching you how to trade but there is no one strategy that I have found that is flawless and consistently makes you money. The market is constantly changing and you have to constantly change your strategy if you want to be a successful short-term trader.  For the average investor(THIS MEANS EVERYONE) I only mean for stock trading to be used as a supplemental tool of income and long-term wealth building strategy.  A tool that will allow you not be bound by a “career.” Your long-term approach will be something that builds a majority of your wealth and is something that is not time-consuming. Anyone can learn these skills and I cannot stress how essential it is for you to take the time to learn.

The Job Market

I do not want this article to be misunderstood. There are plenty of people out there who work a 9-5, have a career, and love what they do. To those people I say, congratulations! Some people get great satisfaction out of what they do and their career is their dream. Many people I worked with wanted to become a financial consultant and loved what they did. It doesn’t mean it was wrong, the role just wasn’t right for me. My target is those people who wake up hating their job like I did. Those who ae working just to pay the bills and get by. So if this is you please continue to read my blog so I can give you the tools to start making changes in your life. This is not going to happen overnight but like a snowball, we can slowly build momentum if we keep rolling.


“I learned a great many lessons from my father, not the least of which, was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so why not take a chance on doing what you love.”-Jim Carrey